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Oh, you want my info?

One thing that really really annoys me are mass FB messages.  I don’t mind getting FB messages, I mind getting messages addressed to multiple people.  Why?  First off if you have a question then you need to just ask me.  I am NOT going to respond to any FB message that needs my information or input addressed to multiple people.  Secondly, getting the notifications drives me absolutely bat shit crazy!  I do NOT care what 50 (or even 5) other people say unless the message is specific to those included people.

Why you ask might I bring this up?  My cousin is getting married and apparently thinks that mass FB messages are acceptable for obtaining information such as my address.  It annoys me to no end that she can’t message people separately for this stuff.  I do not care to (nor will I) share this information with random people I don’t know.  On top of the fact that she just got a wedding invitation from me last year.  My info has not changed and if you didn’t keep this, well that’s just poor planning on your part.

As I said, I have no issues what so ever with getting FB messages or even using FB messages to get this sort of information.  I do understand that FB is super convenient and an easy way to contact people but come on.  I know she is currently overseas but that is no reason to not be courteous to people.  Hell I think we FB’ed a few people to get certain info.  But we also only contacted that person.

I have the same issue with emails sent to multiple people (like your entire address book) and you don’t BCC people.  Just don’t do it people!


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