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Why Thank You!

*First off let me just say that work has been beyond crazy since before the New Year and when I get home the only thing I really want to do is absolutely nothing.  I know my blog has reflected the craziness with a whole lot of nothing.*

I’ve been a really bad person when it comes to my 401k.  My current job is the only job I’ve had that actually offered this but I didn’t really make enough to feel like I could contribute, even though my company will match up to 3 percent.  {And when I say I didn’t make enough I literally mean this, pay check to pay check is no fun.}

Now that Matt and I are married my financial situation is much better, mostly due to Matt’s income. 🙂  A few months ago there was a 401k meeting at work and I asked Matt if he wanted me to enroll, he said that was fine.  Well I never picked up the packet to sign up.  This week there was another meeting so I asked a co-worker to grab me a packet since he was going.  He did not but I ran in after the meeting to get one.  I then headed out to meet Matt for our Friday lunch.  When he pulled up I handed him the packet to look over later.  Anyway, when I got home yesterday he was like you got some interesting mail.  I looked on the counter, looked at him and then looked again and I’ll be damned if there wasn’t a letter from John Hancock saying deposits had been made to my account per my company.  What?!?!?

Apparently I was supposed to have been automatically enrolled back in 2008 but for some reason I was never enrolled.  Now my company is honoring the 3% they would have contributed had I been enrolled.  How crazy is this?  We got the letter in the mail today and Matt just checked my account.  I know have several thousand dollars in a 401k.  AWESOMENESS!

I honestly have no idea when, why or how I wasn’t signed up but whatever.  I guess I will actually start contributing to my 401k and add to the fund.  🙂


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