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Road Rage

Road Rage

Mine seems to be a little out of control lately.  Or maybe it’s just there are a ton of idiot drivers lately, umm yeah I think that’s probably it. 😉  It blows my mind that people refuse to use blinks or the gas pedal while turning or going up hills.  OMG people, it’s really not that hard.  The gas pedal is on the right.  Just push it a little bit.

Clearly my life is super boring since I am sitting here bitching about drivers.  But really my life is super boring right now.  Our cruise is over and we’ve booked our NYC trip.  The only exciting thing happening is my trip to see my friend Brandi and her new baby this weekend!  YAY!  I am super excited to meet this cute little doll.  I’ll post some pics next week.


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