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  • Ranty owls?

    Seriously, how hard is it to just do your job and do it well?  It continues to amaze me how people just “forget” to do something.  Something freaking so simple.  GRRRRR!  *small rant over*

    In other news I have found the cutest (I hope) owl sewing template.  I was inspired by my friend Christi over at Beach Dreams and Love Always.  She posted the cutest little owl yesterday on Facebook. (She is an amazing sewer, too bad she doesn’t live close to me. 🙁   It has inspired me to make one of my own.  I found a template last night on Pinterest and I’m going to print it off today at work.  Then, well we’ll see how it actually turns out.  I’m still not feeling super great with my sewing abilities.  I think it would help to have someone show me how to use my machine.  I think I’m a better hands on kind of person.  Reading things and trying to figure out isn’t really good for me.

    According to the weather report it should be nice and rainy this week, and well there is a complete lack of TV shows on right now, so hopefully I can hole myself up in the bonus room for a little while to knock this little owl out of the park.  I’ll post pics when I’m done.


  • Be the Change…

    Well NC took that to a whole new level yesterday.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably heard about the Amendment that passed yesterday.  {If you would like to know more click here.}  Well I did my civic duty and went to the poll after work to vote.  This is just a primary election but I felt the passage of this Amendment was worthy of my “against” vote.

    I won’t go into a lot of explanation, you can read for yourself, but it makes me very sad that as a society we continue to vote for inequality.  What’s worse is only 35% of the registered voters in NC went to the polls yesterday.

    I think the worst part is people are so narrow sighted they can’t see that this amendment doesn’t just ban gay marriage, something that is currently banned in NC anyway, it takes away rights of ALL non married partnerships gay or straight.  Not to mention the harm it could do to those in domestic abuse situations.  This is structured similar to the Ohio amendment which allowed some of those convicted of domestic violence to be released.  It makes me very sad that, in 2012, we can’t just move past the gay issue.  And that people would be so bothered by this that they would do more harm then good.


    PS I have a surprise for tomorrow. 😉

  • Thank you

    Just 2 simple words but somewhere somehow they seem to get lost.  I find this true day in a day out.  Not very willingly I sometimes work with customers and there are times I feel I will go out of my way to help them with something.  I always think it’s great to get that “thank you!” email in return but mostly I find I get this email from the random customer I did very little for.  The customer’s I’ve bent over backwards for continue on their way without so much as a thanks.  {I remember this too.}

    A few weeks ago I had someone randomly contact me regarding our travel agent via facebook.  The girl had questions about the agent and St Lucia.  I feel I went above and beyond to respond to her with helpful answers.  I mean I wrote a nice sized message in return with activities, links to my wedding pics and my personal pics of St. Lucia.  You know what I got…..a big fat NADA!  Not a thanks so much, thank you that is great info, or even just thanks!  I’m not gonna lie, it really pissed me off.  Like I sat there and took the time to be nice to a stranger and I can’t get a thank you?!?!  Well f*** you too!

    It’s not hard to say thanks, it doesn’t even really take that much time of effort.  For crying out loud it’s TWO measly little words.  Granted I know I’m not perfect and I’m sure there are times in my life where a thank you was warranted and went unsaid.  With that said I do feel like I try pretty hard to say thanks when thanks is due.

    And while I’m on this subject I just have to throw this out there.  A few months ago a friend got married and had an at home reception.  She told me “do not get a gift I hate writing thank yous.”  HA! So I made her a gift. 😉  I did it just because and I knew I would not get a thank you card nor did I expect one.  {She did thank me for the gift while chatting a few days later.}  But then, what did I receive in the mail a few days later, a thank you card which I totally did not expect.  🙂  I was really touched knowing how she felt.

    So see people, it’s not that damn hard!!!!  It’s just not hard especially if you receive a gift that was shipped to you.  At least that way the person who sent the gift knows you received it!

    And rant/soapbox over.







  • Tights are not Pants!

    There I said it.  More and more I see girls who are under the impression that they should wear tights with sweatshirts or sweaters or anything else that doesn’t bother to cover their ass.  What’s worse is when you can see through them AND they aren’t wearing underwear.  First off that is just gross.  Seriously I side eye the hell out of you for that.  Secondly it does NOT look good.  There I said that too, YOU DO NOT LOOK GOOD!

    Over the weekend while Matt and I were at the game a girl was at our tailgate wearing a sweatshirt and tights.  While she wasn’t a large girl, she was by no means small.  Plus you could see straight through them sans undies.  She couldn’t have been warm and well……yeah.  So wrong.  Then I went to Michael’s on Sunday and sure enough the girl in line in front of me, tights and a sweatshirt.

    This trend must stop.  Girls, I’m telling you even the guys think its awful.  Please stop!  But for god sake if you do please wear undies.


  • Everyone gets a trophy

    I saw an article on Yahoo the other day but hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet.  This morning on the radio they mentioned said article.  A kid in Arkansas, a middle schooler I think, is no longer allowed score touch downs while playing football.  The kid is “too good” and apparently it’s not fair to the other teams they play!  Okay seriously, wtf?!?!

    You hear more and more stories like this now a days.  Kids now play on sports teams that don’t keep score!  They all get trophies because the parents have coddled these kids to the point of no return.  I can only imagine the group of whiny-ass needy adults we (this is the collective we and in no way am I referring to myself!) are currently raising.  Kids have no idea what it’s like to lose.  They don’t know how to deal with bullying.  {Okay now I really don’t think bullying is right but since the dawn of man kids have probably been bullied to a point.  You learn from it and move on.}

    I blame the parents.  When did our parents raise us to raise our children this way?  Where did they go wrong?  I don’t feel as though my parents raised me this way.  I feel completely jaded and cynical.  😉  I want winners and losers.  Not everyone gets a trophy.  Sometimes other people are better then you.  It happens, that’s life!  I feel that kids and parents alike need to toughen up.  Grow a pair.  Learn to lose.  Learn to pick yourself up when you fall down.  And learn to take a stand against those who push others around.

    Okay I think my rant for today is over.  And if this pisses you off, you are probably one of the people I am talking about!