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  • Pinterest Project – Watercolor State – Complete!

    I know it’s been a few weeks since I mentioned this project.  My first attempt wasn’t great, the second was actually really good minus the fact I completely messed up the state of NC.  The other night while I was cooking dinner I decided to try again and I think it was probably the worst by far.

    The other day, while I wasn’t cooking, I tried again.  This time I was much happier with the results.  So much so that this is the finished project.  I think it looks pretty similar to my inspiration pic.  I still feel as though I could do better but I am pretty happy with this one.  Now I just have to find a frame and a spot in the house.


  • Pinterest Project – Watercolor State

    Last week I bought some watercolors.  I haven’t played with watercolor since I was a kid but I’ve been itching to get my hands on some kind of paint so I finally decided to make this project.  Much to my surprise watercolors aren’t that expensive.  Michael’s had several different sets starting at $5.00.  I decided the $5.00 pack would be fine for now.  If I find I’m painting a lot more I’ll invest in better supplies but for now this will do.  I also grabbed a pack of brushes, a paint wheel, and a water color note pad.  In total I spent 17 bucks and change.  Not too shabby considering water colors will last forever.

    On to the project.  Here is my inspiration piece.  I’ve seen this done with several different states and I thought, what the hey, I can do this!  Last night I broke out the paints to see what I could still do.  I definitely need to play around more with my watercolor but all in all I don’t think mine looks awful.  (Well except for the yellow streaks.)

    Finished product.

    As you can see it’s not bad, but it’s not good either.  Again this was just my practice piece.  And I lost it when I decided to add drip marks, ie the yellow streaks.  I really just need to get familiar with my paints again and then I can find my way.  I also might work a little more on my NC.  This was just drawn free hand looking at a map online.  I also need to work on my blending.  😀  Lots more to work on….

    I have  a feeling I will work on this again this week so watch out for another, better picture soon!


  • You will not defeat me frog! – Pinterest Post 1

    I am happy to report my first Pinterest project (for the blog) is complete.  There was lots of cussing and I’m pretty sure I used a half a roll of thread but my frog is complete!  Actually it looked like the sewing machine threw up on me tonight.  I had thread everywhere.

    Okay so here’s how it happened.  The other night I set up my new sewing machine and cut out my pattern.

    Front and back.

    I had quite a few issues with my corners and ended up ripping out the seams a few 3ish times.   I finally was like what the hell and just kept going.  I’m not sure what I did but my seam got better and I continued to the end.  I must add that I might be the slowest sewer in the history of the world.  For serious I was like putt putt putt around this thing but I did it!

    Completed sewing.

    Then it was time to turn him right side out.  I started with the legs.

    Then I worked the rest of the body out.  I used a chop stick to help me push out the corners.  This was actually pretty tedious and was almost slower then my sewing.

    Right side out and empty.

    I used about a half a pound bag of rice to fill mine.  I added a little bit of cloves to make it smell.  (I might have added a tad too much.)  You can use any herbs you like.  Cloves were not my first choice but it was the best smelling herb I had in the pantry.

    Filled but I haven't sewn the bottom closed yet.

    I must say my hand stitching it pretty atrocious so there aren’t any pics of that but once you have your frog full you just stitch together the bottom.

    And front.














    He’s a cute little guy and he’s all mine.  I think I will add some eyes and take him to work to sit on my computer. 🙂