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I know I had been a huge slacker lately. There is a lot going on and nothing going on if that makes sense. Yesterday the finally group of people moved into our new office. Odd course I was in the last group to move. Several of us joked they were never going to let us move.

The company had been in our old building for years and years and in the past few months we all started to realize how old and gross the bldg had become. After the first group moved mew made a little field trip and WOW, the new bldg was amazing. Modern, clean and airy and nice. This made the final days at the old bldg suck even more.

Yesterday morning as I left the house I reminded myself I was going to the new bldg. The drive is same for about half the trip. I know I’m going to forget and go the wrong way one day. I pulled into the parking garage on centennial campus and was really glad to see a coworker pull up at the same time. To be honest it kind of left like the first day of high school.

We rode the elevator to the 4th floor and set out to find our seats. My new desk wasn’t too bad after I made a few little changes. I spent the next hour getting my computer set up and arranging my desk. Then a few of us decided to check out the other floors. My company occupies all of the 4th and 5th floors and various wings on 1,2, and 3.

The only thing I’m not super crazy about is being on campus. It’s busy, all the time. Plus you have to deal with students walking in front off your car. We have access to NC State’s facilities and the bus line but the buses are kind of slow, as we sat for 5 mins today waiting for the driver to get back on schedule. I’m sure being on campus has its advantages and the new bldg is worth it. However I think mine and Matte’s Friday lunches are going to run a little longer since I am further away now.


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