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I’m not sold

A couple weeks ago while getting my haircut I asked my stylist about makeup.  She does hair and makeup on the side so I figured she would be a good person to talk to about foundation.  I told her what I was looking for and she hands down recommended Bobbi Brown.  I went to the Bobbi Brown website and found her Skin Foundation.  With almost 600 reviews and a 4.7 star rating I knew I had to try this.  The downside?  The price.  At $47.00 a bottle I knew Matt would flip.  I also knew it would need to WOW me.  Blow me away!

I ran to the mall over the weekend and went to the Bobbi Brown counter.  I told the lady about my skin and what I was looking for.  She sat me down to do a color match.  Once happy with the color, she proceeded to redo the makeup on my cheeks, nose, and chin.  When she was finished she handed me a mirror.  I was definitely “blown away” and a little bit horrified.  I’m not sure I contained my shock well.  She had caked this makeup on my face.  My first thought was OMG I still have to go to Lowes.  I mentioned it was kind of shiny and she said I would need to finish it with powder.  No shit lady.  I asked for a sample and also signed up to see one of their professional makeup artists in a few weeks.

By the time I got home I couldn’t deal with the grossness on my face and washed it off.  The next day I decided to give it another shot with me doing my own makeup.  Night and day people, night and day.  (I don’t know that anyone would buy anything from the lady that did my makeup.)  The foundation has a bit of a matte finish, which is nice, it also goes on very smooth and is not streaky.  All pluses.  However, I’m still not sold.  I don’t feel like my makeup still looks fresh even a few hours after it’s been applied.  It has decent coverage and the color is nice and a little seems to go a long way.  It almost doesn’t seem to get oily throughout the day but I don’t see what the hype is all about.  And honestly I’m disappointed.  I really hoped it would be a miracle in a bottle.

I’m planning to run to Ulta soon and see if they can help me find what I’m looking for.  I want something with a medium coverage, maybe a whipped type formula.  Something that will add glow (not oil) to my skin and look natural.  My inspiration is Emily Thorne from Revenge.  Her make up always looks amazingly beautiful and natural even though I’m sure she has a ton on.

I’m totally over the Clinique Even Better foundation at this point.  It’s crap.  I don’t know if they changed or I changed but I took the new bottle I had back.  So now the hunt for awesome foundation continues.


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