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The story of us!

Three years ago over Memorial Day weekend, Matt and I both traveled two hours to the beach at Topsail.  Shortly after meeting we realized we were actually neighbors.  And while neither of us know our first official date day we use this weekend as our “anniversary”.

I must preface this post by saying there are 2 sides to every story and well this one is no different.  🙂  There is my version and Matt’s version.  Of course mine is the “right” and accurate version.  HAHA!  And Matt doesn’t blog so he can’t argue with what I say. 😉

A few months after I moved to Raleigh, my co-worker started talking about a beach trip she was going on with a few other girls from work.  The thought of a weekend at the beach sounded amazing so I asked if I could come.  They said yes and I prepared for the weekend.  There ended up being a large group of people going but since a few of us were the first ones at the beach house I managed to snag a room.  By the end of the day I was the only person left not sharing a room.  Since Matt and I had been chatting most of the night I offered to let him crash with me.  I know I know. 🙂

Anyway, later that night as we were getting ready to go to sleep, I may or may not have told him we could make out.  We ended up spending most of the weekend hanging out together and I told him since we were neighbors we would hang out when we got home.  Of course by this point he was completely smitten and I’m pretty sure he already knew I was the love of his life.  😀  He however will disagree with that last statement but it’s cool.  I know the real him.

Once we got home we still continued to hang out all the time.  It was pretty easy since he literally lived two seconds away.

Fast forward three years and we are now married!  YAY!

Who knew a simple trip to the beach would lead to the love of my life?


Our first pic together!

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