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Working on the album

Working on the album

I will apologize in advance for the craptastic post today.  I’m not feeling so hot.  I think I’m getting strep throat.  BOOO!

Anyway I’ve been working on mine and Matt’s new wedding album.  Honestly I’m a little surprised but I ended up using Shutterfly.  They’ve added a lot of features to their photo books and they have GREAT prices.  Add a $20.00 gift card we have and literally it’s like free.  Haha!  Not really but I think it should only cost around $20.00.

I’ve spend the last two days working on layouts and trying to figure out which pics I want to add.  They have tons of layout templates you can use.  Or if you feel fancy you can make your own.  I’m pretty impressed.  Since I ended up leaving work a little early today I worked on our book until Matt got home.  Then I realized we don’t have all of our wedding pics. 🙁  Matt’s uncle took our pics and did a great job but it doesn’t look like we got some of the ones posted on FB.  I’m hoping he will add these to Shutterfly so I can get better quality pics.

So that has really been my day.  Till tomorrow!


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