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Our wedding day – finally!

Two weeks ago today Matt and I stood on a lawn overlooking the ocean in St Lucia and pledged our love for one another.  Awww!  As pretty as all of that sounds however, the day got off to a rough start.  Someone *cough cough* had a little too much fun hanging out with everyone the night before.

I woke up Friday morning like whoa.  At first I thought I’d be okay but the more I woke up the worse I felt.  Needless to say the bride had a rough morning.  It wasn’t until after lunch, some tummy meds, napping and a shower that I finally started to feel better.  I’m not going to lie, I felt pretty bad for a while.  But thankfully as I began getting ready things got better.

After Matt left our room and headed to his brother’s room, I started getting ready.  The mom’s and a few friends were to come up to the suite and help (or watch) me get ready.  By the time they got to the room I was almost done with my make up.  Nic offered to do my hair for me and she was awesome.  I really had no idea what I was going to do with my hair so I was glad she offered.  And I must say she did an amazing job.  It looked sooo much better then anything I would have ended up doing.  I thought it really completed the look.

Once my hair was finished I put my dress on and Malcolm took pics of me, me and the girls, and me and the moms.  It was now getting closer to the ceremony time so everyone decided to head back down to the lawn.  My mom stayed with me to wait on the wedding coordinator, Georgia.  She was supposed to be there around 4:15 or 4:20 but I’m pretty sure it was more like 4:30.  🙂  So I guess I was late to my own wedding.  Not that anyone but me probably noticed.

When we got down to the site, Georgia ran to go get my dad so he could walk me down the aisle and then it all began.  I got to the spot where we were supposed to wait and looked over at Matt, who was standing with his back to me and I almost lost it.  Like ugly cry lost it.  I knew if started crying I would never pull myself back together so I managed to hold it in.  I never got nervous but there were a few times I felt the overwhelming urge to cry, because I was so happy.

Finally I was there standing next to him.  The officiant began and a little way into the ceremony she says “Matthew J Spencer”, I look at Matt, he looks at me, everyone else is chuckling.  Matt turned to me and said “I have something to tell you” and we both laughed.  When she finally turns and stops for a sec Matt goes, “my last name is Edwards.”  She has this confused look on her face and immediately grabs the book from Patrick, scratches out Spencer and writes down Edwards.  She proceeds with the ceremony only to then mispronounce my middle name.  Matt and I both said the correct name, I mean no need to correct her again right?  HA!

The ceremony honestly felt like it took FOREVER.  Finally we exchanged rings and then it was time for a kiss.  Next they pulled a table over so we could sign the marriage license.  And can I just say, my dress was NOT made for sitting.  I felt like my boobies were jammed under my throat.  🙂  After all that jazz was complete, we walked back up the aisle only to stand there.  It was a little chaotic.

Sandals had one of their photographers come to the ceremony to take pics.  Matt and I had Malcolm taking our pics but it was kind of nice having the Sandals guy there too.  He was able to get everyone together so we could get some group shots and he also made us do some HORRIBLE posed pics.  Thankfully Malcolm got some great shots out of the cheesy posed ones.

After the pics were taken everyone headed up to the Lookout Terrace for the cocktail hour.  Everyone had cocktails and appetizers and then Matt and I cut the cake and had our first dance.  When we finally managed to get a shuttle we all headed back down for dinner.  Dinner was nice and the food was really good.  But once dinner was done Matt and I were soo hot we decided to go back to the suite and go swimming.  We popped open a bottle of bubbly at the pool before heading back to our room.

Overall the wedding day went pretty well minus the rough start.  And Friday the 13th didn’t seem to be unlucky.  We managed to get sprinkled on during the ceremony and I had a green grasshopper jump on my dress while we were taking a pic, so take that Friday the 13th.


Unfortunately I don’t have anymore edited wedding pics right now.  They are en route from England.


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