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The strangest day!

The strangest day!

This morning I got a call from a coworker around 7:20 saying a power line at our office had been cut and we were working from home. I finished up my hair and makeup, threw on some comfy clothes and set up shop on the kitchen table. It’s not super easy to work from home but having a work laptop (that I actually had at home) with all my links and passwords along with the VPN makes it much easier. Except when the main drive I use is down because the power is out, at work. Whomp whomp.

Around 10:00 I got an email saying the power was back on and everyone was to head in. I threw my jeans on and headed to the office. As soon as I walk in the door I realize this is gonna suck!!!! Of course the air is off and the building smells gross. The third floor was even worse. It was hot and muggy. Finally around noon, I’m contemplating lunch when our old manager comes over to say she has good news. The ac should be back on in half an hour but management has asked everyone to go to lunch, on them! Hell yeah. This was the point I was really glad I didnt pack my lunch.

A couple of my coworkers set out for lunch. When we got back the office was still hot but you could at least feel some air moving around. Finally around 3 the ac actually kicked in and it started to get chilly.

I’m not sure if I feel my day was productive or not but it was a strange day.


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