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Too much of a good thing?

A few months ago my skin was super dry. I’d seen a few Youtubers raving about L’oreal Lumi foundation but at the time I’d just spent $45.00 on some Stila foundation. I knew Matt would not be happy about me wanting to try something else. I was chatting with my mom one day and she mentioned she had some Lumi that she’d bought and only used a few times. The next time I saw her she gave me the Lumi to try. I immediately fell in love but the color she had was a little dark so I had to buy more in the correct shade. Now that summer is here I’m back to the darker shade mom gave me.

Anyway, the problem now is that my skin is back to it’s old oily self. Add foundation that has tons of hydration and well, yeah. I bought some Rimmel Stay Matte powder but that didn’t help. Next I decided to try some stay matte primer. I’d heard about the Rimmel Stay Matte primer on Youtube and for $5.00 decided to give it a go. Um, needless to say, it did NOT work, like at all. I tried it first on Saturday over my regular moisturizer and I still was pretty oily in a matter of a few hours. I figured I didn’t really give it a good shot so on Sunday I skipped the moisturizer and used it alone. A few hours later I was back to oily. The problem is that I LOVE my Lumi! I love the finish, and I love the coverage. Overall, I’m a fan!

This morning I mixed in some of my Clinique BB cream and I decided to use some of my Dewy Finish Setting Spray by NYX. My face doesn’t currently feel like an oil slick and I’m going on a few hours of wear. I must admit that I have already lightly blotted my face but it wasn’t terrible. The look on Matt’s face when I sprayed my newly applied makeup was pretty priceless. He was like “WTH are you doing?” HAHA! Boys!

I feel like the last few months have been one continuous foundation hunt after another. If my skin isn’t dry, it’s oily or vice versa. Maybe one day I’ll find a happy medium.


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