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We have a bed!

Thursday night Matt and I ran to Costco to pick up our new mattress.  We knew we wanted to have everything so Friday afternoon we could get the party started.

Friday afternoon we moved our current bed to the spare room.  The plan had been to sleep in there over the weekend but more on that a little later.  Anyway we got everything cleaned up and ready for the new bed.  We bought a great bed from Overstock which I mentioned looks just like the Collette bed from Crate and Barrel and man was I impressed.  We opened the boxes and all the fabric parts were wrapped in a cloth like fabric.  We took the headboard upstairs and unwrapped it.  Much to my surprise the nail heads went all the way to the rails.  The picture on Overstock shows them stopping several inches above so I was super happy this was not the case.

We grabbed the rails from the garage and began assembling the bed.  The install was pretty easy to be honest.  There is one rail that isn’t completely flush with the footer rail but it’s not really noticeable with bedding.  Once we got the bed together it was time to assemble the slats.  Matt looked and looked and apparently our bed didn’t come with instructions.  Great!  It took us a few minutes to really figure out what the heck was going on.  This was made more complicated by the fact we seemed to be missing some nuts.  I ran downstairs and thankfully they were in the corner of the box.  Once we had the nuts we were able to figure out what what going on.

Next was the “hard” part.  We had to bring the 150 lbs mattress up 2 flights of stairs.  It was packaged in a box so that made it a little easier to maneuver   I wasn’t exactly sure how this all would work but Matt seemed pretty confident we would just put it on the slats and let it go.  I helped him get it out of the box and sat back to video our experience.  It was pretty cool to see this king sized mattress stuffed into a box and then watch it expand.  It didn’t take too long for the mattress to almost reach it’s full height of 12 inches.  Later that night it was over 11 3/4 inches so I was happy with that.

Our plan had been to let the bed sit over the weekend but I slept so bad Friday night and Julio was all confused and didn’t sleep so we sucked it up and slept on the new bed Saturday night.  The mattress is rather firm.  It feels nice but I think I expected to sink in a little more.  I think the room looks really good now.  We just have a dresser that needs relocating. 😉




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