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Happy 3rd Anniversay

Happy 3rd Anniversay

Three years ago today, Matt and I were standing on the lawn at the Sandals La Toc in St Lucia overlooking the ocean, promising our lives to one another.  You can read all about our wedding here.

I would have to say the last 3 years have been pretty good! Sure, Matt and I have had our ups and downs but for the most part, things have been really good. We’ve had our share of hard times, but there is no one else in this world I would rather face those times with.  He is my rock when I need someone to lean on, he is always there to hold my hand or give me a hug.  He’s wiped more than his share of tears from my face.  He is my everything!  I can’t imagine spending my life with someone else.   What started with friendship has turned into a beautiful love.

It’s hard for me to imagine my life without him, bed burritoing and all. 😉 (And if you know me, you know I am a bed FREAK!  haha)  I LOVE YOU, MATTE!


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